Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are you located?
We have two locations: Queens, NY


2. How long does it take to receive my baked goods?
Once you place your order, it will take approximately 1 week to receive your baked goods. Please check your email after your order is placed. We will communicate through email to confirm your delivery/pickup time and location. 


3. Can I purchase and pickup the same day?
We rarely have items available for the same day purchase due to all items being perishable and we want to insure the quality of the items. We prepare desserts when we recieve orders.

 4. Do you deliver?
Yes, there is a $30 plus tolls (if applicable) minimum purchase for delivery.

5. Do you ship to other states?
Unfortunately, we do not ship to other states. If you are not located in New York and are interested in purchasing our treats please contact us at We will be working on shipping options in the near future and we want to know where you are all located. 

6. Refunds?
We do not offer refunds. Please note that we require you to pick up your items within 72 hours to ensure freshness. Any items picked up after 72 hours will have to be remade and repurchased. 

7. Can I pay when I receive my items?
No, we require all payments to be made when the order is placed. 

8. Is catering available?
Yes, we cater all events! Please click here to view our catering options and email us at